Natural Agriculture Farm at Sugar Maples in fall.

Natural Agriculture Farm

34 Big Hollow Road
Maplecrest, NY 12454

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What is Natural Agriculture?

It is a method taught by the Japanese organization Shumei to create some of the freshest and most delicious produce available in the state!

The method of growing produce simply and without interference- as close to how it grows in nature as possible. One step further than organic farming, there are no animal products used to enrich the soil. This means that no agricultural chemicals of any sort are used. It also means that no manure or other soil additives used in organic farming are permitted. Only compost made from local leaves and grass can be added to the soil.

The Catskill Mountain Foundation is proud to support this unique and integrated 4.5 acre farm in Maplecrest on the campus of Sugar Maples Art Center.

Wide view of Natural Agriculture Farm at Sugar Maples.

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