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7971 Main St

Hunter, NY 12442

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The Doctorow Center for the Arts is a beautiful multi-arts complex in the heart of Hunter.

You can find a bit of everything at the Doctorow Center for the Arts: from classical music concerts, films, one of the largest collections of historic pianos in the United States, and the home of the CMF offices. The DCA encapsulates the varied and exciting interests of the Catskill Mountain Foundation at large, with something for everyone!

Mountain Cinema

We show top Hollywood, foreign, and independent films at the Mountain Cinema, located in the Doctorow Center for the Arts. With over 200 films a year in high definition, digital surround sound, and an Independent film program, we have something for everyone!

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Piano Performance Museum

A destination unlike any other in the United States, the Catskill Mountain Foundation's Piano Performance Museum offers a unique glimpse into the development of pianos in Europe and America over the past four centuries. Plan your visit today!

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Upcoming Events at the Doctorow Center for the Arts

April 27, 2024

Theater: Catskill Mountain Shakespeare presents The Tempest

Doctorow Center for the Arts

Catskill Mountain Shakespeare's Spring Tour of Shakespeare’s iconic play The Tempest comes to the Doctorow Center on April 27.

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May 18, 2024

Comedy: Josh Fromer presents Comedy in the Catskills

Doctorow Center for the Arts

Josh Fromer brings Amanda Gail and Greg Stone to the Catskills for an evening of hilarious stories and keenly-crafted jokes.

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May 25, 2024

Classical Music: When the Piano Was Young

Doctorow Center for the Arts

Faculty members from the Academy of Fortepiano Performance perform a concert on pianos from the collection of the Piano Performance Museum.

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Weisberg Hall Information

Seating Capacity

  • 172 Total
  • 152 Floor
  • 20 Balcony

For performances that are technically intensive, the balcony can be closed to the audience and used as a control booth.


  • Stage edge to rear wall of house 45’
  • House width 41’8”
  • Ceiling height 16’

The seating area is raked; so ceiling height decreases as one moves from the frontto the back of the house.


  • Seats 20
  • Length (House right to house left) 27’6”
  • Width (Back to front) 6’

The Balcony is flanked by the house left and house right booths.

House Left Booth

The lighting console and house light dimmer is located here. It is the primary control booth.

  • Length (House right to house left) 7’
  • Width (Back to front) 10’

House Right Booth

  • Length (House right to house left) 7’
  • Width (Back to front) 6’

Janitor’s Closet

There is a Janitor’s Closet located at the back of the house, house right behind seating row J. It is equipped with a utility sink.

Double doors are located at the west rear of the building at auditorium floor level, next to stage left. Doorway opening is 6’ wide by 6’6” high. Ground level. Incoming trucks must have a lift gate, or appropriate ramp for loading.

The fire department owns the building directly behind the loading area, and requires unobstructed access at all times. Please do not park in the loading door area.

Height 13’
Width 22’

Stage Dimensions
Rise above house floor 2’4”
Width 22’
Depth (lip of stage to upstage wall) 25’
Depth (front of proscenium to back wall) 22’6”
Grid height 15’
Clearance to bottom of overhead paneling 13’10”

Masonite painted black.

The grid over the stage is made from 1-1/2” schedule 40 black pipe. It is anchored to the stage walls and ceiling. It is fixed at 15’ and is not adjustable. Any hang and focus work is done from ladders or scaffolding. Please give management 30 days advance notice for any overhead work.

Black Velour with 50% fullness on pull tracks.

2 Upstage 14’6” high x 11’ wide.
1 Stage right 14’6” high x 13’ wide.
1 Stage left 14’6” high x 13’ wide.

Lighting Control Console
ETC Express 125.

24 ETC Sensor 2.4kW dimmers. Circuits terminate in both socapex multi-pin outputs and stage pin outputs at the back of the rack.

10 ETC Source Four 50 degree.
5 ETC Source Four Fresnels.
17 ETC Source Four Parnels.
32 Total number of lighting instruments.

Dimmer Room
Located backstage next to the upstairs dressing room.

FOH Pipe One
Height 15’10’
Distance from stage edge 5’
Circuits 6 (distributed via socapex cable)

FOH Pipe Two House Left
Height 15’
Distance from stage edge 22’
Circuits 3 (distributed via outlet box above the pipe)

FOH Pipe Two House Right
Height 15’
Distance from stage edge 22’
Circuits 3 (distributed via outlet box above the pipe)

FOH Box Booms HL & HR Walls
Distance from stage edge 22’
Circuits 3 per side (distributed via outlet boxes next to the pipes)

On Stage
Four pipes running parallel to the front edge of the stage, between the ceiling

Distance From Stage Edge
LX1 6’
LX2 11’
LX3 16’
LX4 21’
Circuits (Dimmers) 13 thru 18 service LX 1 and LX2
Circuits (Dimmers) 19 thru 24 service LX 3 and LX 4
The fixtures are twofer’d so a light on LX 1 is paired with the light directly upstage on LX2. Thus there are 10 pairs of lights onstage.

House Lights
The house lights are controlled via a wall dimmer in the House Left Booth. They
are not controllable via the lighting console.

There is a 14’ folding ladder available for hang and focus work.

There is no house sound system. Rental systems can be arranged with 30 days advance notice.

Edison Outlets
4 on the upstage wall, behind the paneling.
3 on the stage left wall, behind the paneling.
1 on the house left wall behind seating row J.
2 in balcony.
2 in house left booth.
2 in house right booth.

Company Switch
200 Amp Company Switch located in dimmer room. (Currently powers the house
dimmer rack)

Dressing Room/Green Room
The exit upstage right leads to the stage level and upstairs dressing rooms. This area serves both as dressing room and green room. The lower level is equipped with a refrigerator. Both rooms are 24’ by 13’6”. The dimmer room is in the upstairs dressing room.

There is one restroom in the stage level (lower) dressing room and two in the upstairs dressing room. There are no showers.

Contact Information



(518) 263-2063



Pam Weisberg, Director of Performing Arts
Phone: (518) 263-2066
Fax: (866) 492-4879



Pam Weisberg, Director of Performing Arts
Phone: (518) 263-2066
Fax: (866) 492-4879

Steven Greenstein, Curator

David Peskin, Docent
Phone: (518) 263-2036


MOUNTAIN CINEMA (Three-screen cinema)

Bill Mullare, Manager
Phone: (518) 263-4702 (recorded movie schedule)

Hillary Morse, party scheduling
(518) 263-2001

Get involved

Whether you are a local wanting to donate your time as an usher, or a patron wanting to increase your financial support, we have opportunities for everyone.