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The Catskill Mountain Foundation Piano Performance Museum Featuring the Steven E. Greenstein Piano Collection

Geib with Duncan Phyfe Case

In the Doctorow Center for the Arts
Rte 23A, Village of Hunter, NY

The CMF Piano Performance Museum featuring the Steven E. Greenstein Collection is a one-of-a-kind collection of historic pianos and musical artifacts that offer a unique insight into the development of pianos in Europe and American over the past four centuries. We are very excited to feature this enhanced collection.

The Steven E. Greenstein Collection Features:

Early and modern keyboard instruments including European historic pianos as well as American pianos built in the 18th and 19th centuries. The pianos are displayed to demonstrate the development of the instrument from small pianoforte built for use in private homes and salons to the modern piano built for large concert halls. The collection includes close to 20 fascinating instruments including a Muzio Clementi Square Foretepiano ca. 1802-1805, a ca. 1821-1826 Geib with a cabinet built by the famous American cabinet-maker, Duncan Phyfe, an 1865 Steinway Civil War Square Grand and a Chopin-era John Broadwood.

Tuning Tools and Tool kits, some 200 years old, leather-wrapped with a place for each tool; tuning forks, hammers--everything that would allow a technician to bring a piano back to maximum performance standards.

The American Piano Experience, including the U.S. contribution to the development of the piano and piano music. The collection includes a Boardman and Grey owned by famous jazz pianist, Sir Roland Hanna, on loan from his wife, Ms. Ramona Hanna.

Pianos and the White House: Almost all American presidents have had pianos at the White House, from George Washington through today. The collection includes an 1851 Chickering, of the same style as the piano in the Lincoln White House.

Piano Shawls: A display of beautiful, one-of-a-kind hand-embroidered silk throws that were popular adornments of pianos in people's homes in the 19th century.

Piano and Composer Timeline, matching piano development through the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries with the composers who performed on these instruments.

Piano Manufacturing: A display of antique catalogs, magazine articles and salesmen's miniature piano actions.

Services Offered By the Museum

* Regularly scheduled guided tours with a trained staff docent
* Piano concerts of classical music and jazz in the adjacent Weisberg Hall
* Bus tours and private tours (for schoolchildren, seniors, community groups etc.) with a professional concert pianist providing demonstrations on the historic pianos
* Gift shop featuring piano-related gifts

The expanded collection and new educational displays are open to the public weekly through Labor Day: Friday and Saturday, noon-4 pm.

Group Tours: Available by appointment throughout the year, during the week or on weekends, with a professional concert artists providing mini-concerts on the historic instruments.

For more information or to make an appointment, please phone David Peskin at 518 263 2036.

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