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The Orpheum Performing Arts Center is a spectacular, 12,500 square foot, 245-seat theater. The stage is 40 feet wide, 35 feet deep, and features a sprung floor, making it perfect for dance. It's also a great venue for other performances that require a larger space. The auditorium is beautiful, and the space is loved by audiences and performers alike. The theater was designed by Hugh Hardy, one of the best-known theater architects in the U.S.

Orpheum Performing Arts Center

6050 Main St
Tannersville, NY 12485
Performance Tickets: (518) 263-2063

Seating Capacity
Year Built
Redesigned by Architect Hugh Hardy and renovated in 2010.
Stage edge to booth at rear of house 66’
House width (wall to wall at mid-house crossover) 40’8”
Ceiling height (at mid-house crossover) 22’
The seating in the auditorium is tiered; so ceiling height decreases as one moves
from the front to the back of the house.

Height 17’
Width 36’
Stage Dimensions
Rise above house floor 3’
Batten trim height 20’
Ceiling height 30’
Unobstructed distance from CL to SL wall 34’
Unobstructed distance from CL to SR arbor pit 31’
Stage depth; plaster line to back wall 34’
Lip of stage to back wall 36’6”
Stage Floor
3/4” Plyron above neoprene isolators.
Pathway upstage of traveler or cyclorama is used for crossover.

Twelve 52’ battens dead hung directly from the structural steel. No fly system.
The trim positions are fixed. Hanging of scenery or any alterations to the existing
rigging must be arranged in advance and done only by qualified personnel.

Grand Valence
4’x38’ Black Velour
Grand Drape
No grand drape at this time.
(3) 4’11”x54’2” Black Velour
(4) 6’x20’ Black Velour
Mid Stage Traveler
(2) Sections at 22’x27’5” Black Velour 50% fullness.
Manually operated from stage right.
Up Stage Traveler
(2) Sections at 22’x28’ Black Velour 60% fullness.
Manually operated from stage right.
22’x52’ Gerriets Opera white plastic.

Stage doors are located at the east side of building at the rear. Double doors.
Doorway opening is 8’wide by 8’6”high. Ground level. Incoming trucks must
have a lift gate or appropriate ramp for loading.

Lighting Control Console
ETC Element 250 lighting console.
48 dimmers total.
24 ETC Sensor 2.4kW dimmers. Circuits terminate in both socapex multi-pin
outputs and stage pin outputs at the back of the rack.
24 ETC Smartpak 1.2kW dimmers. Circuits terminate in socapex multi-pin
outputs at the back of the rack.
73 Total number of lighting instruments.
(17) ETC Source Four 50 degree*
*9 of these are hung on the FOH pipe and can only be accessed by scaffolding.
(24) ETC Source Four Jr. 36 degree.
(20) ETC Source Four Jr. zoom lens.
(8) ETC Source Four Parnels.
(4) Altman Spectra CYC LED.
Lighting Positions
FOH Box Booms HL & HR

Circuits -2 per side. (One circuit is permanently twofer’d to both sides of the
FOH Pipe
Height above seats – 22’.
Distance from stage edge 16’
Circuits -9 (distributed via raceway)
The front of house pipe can only be accessed by scaffolding. If scaffolding is
needed, please notify management 30 days in advance.
On Stage
All onstage electrics are trimmed at 20’. All onstage battens are 52’ long.
LX1 3’ upstage from the plaster line.
Circuits 6 distributed via socapex cable.
LX2 10’ upstage from the plaster line.
Circuits 6 distributed via socapex cable.
LX3 17’ upstage from the plaster line.
Circuits 6 distributed via socapex cable.
LX4 23’ upstage from the plaster line.
Primarily used for cyc fixtures.
Side arms. Color frames. Safety cables. Stage pin cable (various lengths).
6 freestanding booms.
House Lights
House lights are controlled via three wall dimmers located in the control booth.
They cannot be controlled via the lighting console at this time.
Man Lift
Skyjack model SJII 4626. Used for onstage rigging and focus work.
Black vinyl dance floor. It covers an area 40’ x 25’
The floor is designed for temporary installation. Please contact theater
management in advance if dance floor is needed.

There is no house sound system at this time. Rental systems can be arranged with
30 days advance notice.

Edison Outlets
2 on the stage left wall.
6 on the upstage wall.
4 along the front apron.
5 along the upper house crossover wall.
All circuits are 20 Amps.
Company Switch
100 Amp Company Switch located on the stage left wall.

The doorway offstage right leads to the backstage area. There is a greenroom, two
dressing rooms and two bathrooms.
Dressing Rooms
Dimensions – Both dressing rooms are 20’ x 11’
They are equipped with well-lit mirrors, sitting level countertops and seating for
14 people. There is a sink in each room.
Green Room
Dimensions – 25’ x 12’
Equipped with a standing level countertop with a sink and refrigerator.
One Large; Dimensions – 10’ x 9’
One Small; Dimensions – 10’ x 6’
Both restrooms contain showers.
There is no laundry facility in the building.
Closest Laundromat is Tannersville Laundromat, 6023 Main St. Open 24 hours.

Contact Information

Candy McKee, Director of Administration
Phone: (518) 263-2000
Fax: (518) 263-2025

Orpheum Performing Arts Center
6050 Main Street
Tannersville, NY 12485
Performance Tickets: (518) 263-2063

Pam Weisberg, Director of Performing Arts
Phone: (518) 263-2066
Fax: (866) 492-4879