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Celebrating the Catskill Mountain Foundationís 20th Anniversary - Building on a 100 Year Legacy

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Peterís family purchased property in the Village of Hunter over 120 years ago, and his family has been part of the Mountain Top community ever since. We work and live during the week in Manhattan, but our roots run deep in this community. When we started the Catskill Mountain Foundation 20 years ago, the movie theater in the Village of Hunter was badly in need of some tender loving care, and it was surrounded by several vacant storefronts. Our dream was to turn the Village of Hunter into a center for the arts, with a focus on film and performing arts, but with elements of regional crafts and fine art, along with classic and contemporary books. Our plan was to purchase the movie theater in the Village of Hunter, renovate the movie theater space so that the one screen could also be used for performances, and sell books and work by regional artists in the building lobby. It was a one building dream. We thought we would end up with two or three employees. Instead of the two or three employees we expected, the Foundation has 20 year-round employees plus another 15 part time seasonal employees or independent contractors, many of whom have worked with us for many years.

We never predicted what the Catskill Mountain Foundation would become as we now celebrate our 20thanniversary. We have programs in 2 towns (Hunter and Windham) and 3 villages (Hunter, Tannersville, and the hamlet of Maplecrest). Our programs engage the arts across many disciplines Ė dance, music, film, theater, studio arts Ė and express creativity both classical and contemporary. We make artist residencies possible by making our facilities available, and then offer opportunities for youth in our community to meet and learn from the artists, and for the entire community to enjoy spectacular performances. We nurture the dreams of artists and help them grow and set roots in our community.

During the 20 years since launching the Catskill Mountain Foundation, we have had many great ideas about how we can bring the arts to our community. Some of these we tried. Some of these succeeded. All of these reflect the passion and dedication of our staff, of the artists who have worked with us, and of the families and children and visitors to the area who have attended our programs and supported us. The arts are now flourishing across the Catskills and we are proud to have been leaders for our community in making this dream happen.

None of this would have been possible without the huge contributions of the many donors who have supported the Catskill Mountain Foundation and/or who have developed their own arts programs that work in harmony with those of the Foundation. Twenty years ago we never imagined what the Catskill Mountain Foundation has become today. We look forward with curiosity and excitement to the next twenty years.

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Support Us

We are very grateful for our members, volunteers, and donors for their ongoing support. Find out what involvement opportunities exist for you!



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