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Summer Arts Intensives

Academy of Fortepiano Performance

Dates: May 25-27, 2023

More Information: academyfortepiano.org

Workshop on Maintaining Historical Pianos, Harpsichords and Clavichords

This workshop provides the participants with a better understanding of the unique structure and mechanism of historical keyboard instruments, guides the participants to identify issues with the instruments and causes of the issues, propose proper solutions, and how to maintain the instruments through regulation and tuning. This workshop utilizes a rich collection of antique instruments from the 18th and 19th centuries. Participants learn through hands-on activities guided by expert technicians specializing in historical keyboard instruments.  This workshop is excellent for: piano technicians, especially college residential technicians, piano technology students, dreelance piano technicians, historical keyboard collectors and curators, historical keyboard performers.

Faculty include: Richard Hester, fortepiano builder, piano conservation specialist; Masayuki Maki, Chief of Historical Keyboard Collection, The Juilliard School



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