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A Partnership Program with the Catskill Mountain Foundation and the Joyce Theater Foundation

Date: Saturday, May 13, 2023
7:30 pm
Orpheum Performing Arts Center, 6050 Main Street, Village of Tannersville

Tickets Purchased Ahead: $25 adults/$20 seniors/$7 students
At the Door: $30 adults/$25 seniors/$7 students

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Or call our box office at 518 263 2063 or email boxoffice@catskillmtn.org

(Note: Online ticket sales close 5 hours prior to performance time. After that, please call 518 263 2063 or email†boxoffice@catskillmtn.org and leave a message for our box office team. One of us will return your call or email to purchase tickets. Or, you may purchase tickets at the door.)

Kyle Marshall Choreography

Kyle Marshall Choreography, A Partnership Project with the Catskill Mountain Foundation and The Joyce Theater Foundation, performs Alice and Ruin at the Catskill Mountain Foundationís Orpheum Performing Arts Center in Tannersville. Also on the program is a screening of the dance film STELLAR. Performers include Kyle Marshall (artistic director and choreographer), Bree Breeden, Cayleen Del Rosario, Jose Lapaz-Rodriguez, and Nik Owens. This is the first of the Catskill Mountain Foundationís four partnership projects with The Joyce Theater in 2023. HopeBoykinDance, Olivier Tarpaga Dance, and Ronald K. Brown/Evidence will be in residence with Catskill Mountain Foundation this fall.

STELLAR is a dance film of speculative fiction inspired by Afrofuturism, the echoes of Jazz, and the stars within us.

Based on the music of Alice Coltrane, Alice is a new solo piece about transcendence and self-love, performed by Bree Breeden of Kyle Marshall Choreography, or KMC. Alice Coltrane was a composer, pianist, harpist, organist and the wife of John Coltrane. After his passing, Alice went on her own spiritual journey and built an Ashram, a Hindu religious retreat, creating a devotional space for music and spiritual enlightenment in California. She invested her life in that spiritual journey for decades after her husband passed. KMC is using different pieces of music to hold Aliceís journey and to allow the audience to go on a spiritual journey with them.

ďDuring the pandemic, I think it was very challenging for all of us; and for me, it was also a place where I got a lot of inspiration,Ē said Kyle Marshall. ďAlice was someone that I found during the lockdown, and her music really informed me. My partner Edo Tastic, who is also the visual director of the company, was also moved and transformed by Aliceís music, and he was the one that actually inspired me to make this piece. With his inspiration and with my love for her music, we built a work for Bree that I think is really exciting.ď

He continued: ďItís my first solo for another dancer, so itís a really wonderful opportunity. IĎve made dances for groups, so it is a similar connection. But I think for a solo, thereís a lot that happens for me internally that I have to learn to say, and to help shape whatís happening internally for Bree. It is kind of an exchange, where there is a lot of movement that Iíve given them in the piece, and there is a lot of conversation about how things are shaped. I might give a note to Bree about how to do something and theyíve already felt that as another body movement. We both can agree on how something might be done or how we want to try something. Theyíre also working in their internal impulse with the work. Itís been very humbling, itís been a lot of learning. Itís been really exciting to learn how to communicate something that is internal and also seeing how my aesthetics and how my movement folds into someone elseís dancing. I think thatís been a kind of cool thing to play with and figure out. What am I holding on to that is just me and my choice, or how can I give them space to embody and interpret the information I am giving them? So, itís a little bit of a back and forth with whatís right and whatís wrong, and itís more about keeping whatís happening. Itís been a nice process to work with.Ē

Ruin is a new piece commissioned by the Philadelphia Museum of Art that premiered in January, 2023. The piece was originally commissioned by the museum to support an exhibition on Henri Matisse. Influenced by that, Kyle thought about early Egyptians, Greek life or similar images in ancient history. The rhythms and the circles in all of that has a very ancient earthly feeling to it. In building this work, it has a kind of ancient feeling to it, which is why they wear tunics, hand painted by Edo Tastic.

Ruin is a piece thatís thinking about rhythm, and how the body can be used to make and amplify sound. Kyle has used samples of rhythm and body percussion in the past. For Ruin, Kyle wanted to build something that would use that as the basis, building something with just their bodies. Thinking about how rhythm is both a cycle and a way of making sound and also in our daily lives. Sometimes, itís very atmospheric. sometimes itís songlike, other times, itís very rhythmic and percussive, and there are layers.

Ruin involves a piece of sound equipment called a dynamic listening device which is built by Kyle Marshall himself and his collaborator Cal Fish. Consisting of different pieces of equipment including pads, buckets and coils, the device allows the dancers to amplify their bodies, record their sounds in real time and then play it back to the audience. All of the music for the piece is made by the dancers in real time. Nothing is prerecorded, nothing is arranged beforehand, and everything is human-generated.

Kyle Marshall Choreography
Founded in 2014, Kyle Marshall Choreography (KMC) is a company that sees the dancing body as a container of history, an igniter of social reform, and a site of celebration. KMC believes in the creation, sharing, and teaching of dance as a way to deepen our knowledge of who we are as individuals, how we develop relationships, and ultimately societies. Kyle has received a 2018 NY Dance and Performance Juried Bessie Award, a 2020 Dance Magazine Harkness Promise Award and was a 2020 Bessie Honoree for the revival of his 2017 dance, Colored.



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