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Summer Arts Intensives

A Little Nightmare Music

Date: Saturday, August 4, 2018
Time: 8:00 pm
Location: Doctorow Center for the Arts • 7971 Main Street, Village of Hunter


Igudesman & Joo

“A Lit­tle Night­mare Music brings sur­re­al­ism to the con­cert hall and takes its trousers down! Very musi­cal, very engag­ing and very funny.”

Terry Jones Comedian/Monty Python/Director


“A Lit­tle Night­mare Music as a title is a mis­nomer ... Igudes­man and Joo are a DREAM  ... watch them!” Sir Roger Moore Actor


Just when you thought it was safe...

The concert begins. The music is sublime. Not even a pin would dare drop. Suddenly, a cellphone rings and the madness starts. The pianist loses his hand, the violinist, while tuning, falls asleep, and later wakes up in the middle of a motorway, transformed into a “Riverdancer”. When the pianist returns, the piano is locked, telling him to insert his credit card. Meanwhile, the violinist loses his bow to a vacuum cleaner and his partner just talks on the phone while reading a paper, eating, and playing the piano upside down all at the same time. These and many other “nightmares” unfold before audiences’ eyes and ears.

“A Little Nightmare Music” is a unique show, full of virtuosity, enchanting music and zany, outrageous humour. Ideal for audiences aged 8 to 88, this show is sure to captivate you and crack you up whether you’re a classical music enthusiast or the type who runs for cover at the mere mention of Mozart.

Aleksey Igudesman and Hyung-kiJoo are two classical musicians who have taken the world by storm with their unique and hilarious theatrical shows, which combine comedy with classical music and pop culture. Equally comfortable performing in classical concert halls as well as in stadiums in front of crowds of 18,000, their collective dream is to make classical music accessible to a wider and younger audience.

Their sold-out concert last year was riotously good fun. Enhance your love of classical music and tone your stomach muscles by hysterically laughing to and with Igudesman & Joo.



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