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Date & Time: Thursday, March 16, 2017 @ 4:00 pm
Location: Doctorow Center for the Arts, 7971 Main Street, Village of Hunter

This event is SOLD OUT.

Catskill Mountain Foundation is supported in part by the New York State Council on the Arts, Greene County Legislature through the Cultural Fund administered by the Greene County Council on the Arts, the Jarvis and Constance Doctorow Family Foundation, the Samuel and Esther Doctorow Fund, the New York Council for the Humanities, Bank of Greene County Charitable Foundation, The Greene County Youth Bureau, Marshall & Sterling Insurance, All Souls' Church, Stewarts Shops, Windham Foundation, and by private donations.

SOLD OUT! Crabgrass Puppet Theater: "The Pirate, the Princess and the Pea"

Pirate lore meets fairy tale in The Pirate, the Princess and the Pea, a swashbuckling pirate and princess adventure story from Crabgrass Puppet Theatre. A pirate and a princess are on a treasure hunt, searching for the same prize. The princess stays one step ahead of the pirate with every clue, but how can she get him out of the way long enough to dive for the treasure? "You're not a real pirate!" she claims. "Am so." "Are not." "Am so." "Okay, prove it!" "How?" "You know, I had to prove I was a real princess once," she says. "I'm sure we can use the same method ...." and she leaves him snoring on a tall pile of mattresses. But when the princess is in danger from a giant octopus, she quickly discovers the benefits of cooperation! Inspired by their success, the pirate and his new princess friend sail off together in search of further adventure.



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