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Watercolors by Sheila Trautman

Please note that the original dates for this exhibition have been postponed. Updates will be posted as they become available

Location: Kaaterskill Shoppe, 6042 Main Street, Village of Tannersville
Gallery Hours: Thursday-Monday, 11:00 am-6:00 pm
More Information: 518 589 7500

Image: "Spring Comes to Tannersville," watercolor by Sheila Trautman

POSTPONED--Street Scenes on My Mind

As a watercolorist, Sheila Trautmanís paintings reflect the essence of the light, color, texture, and mood that she observes in the ever-changing landscapes of the beautiful countryside. She is also intrigued by the shadows, and the vibrant colors she observes while walking down the streets of our small towns. Tannersville, the Painted Village in the Sky, has provided inspiration for her and been the theme of several paintings.

Trautman lives on the Mountaintop in Jewett but also has a home in New Jersey, often visiting New York City where she is awed by the towering buildings, and the drama and excitement of city life. She looks for an interesting pattern of abstract shapes within the scenes to begin her paintings, also observing how the light bounces off the buildings. The reflections, colors, shapes, and contrasts of the city inspire her. She never walks down the street without thinking about her next painting, often stopping to take pictures.

Her watercolors benefit from a combination of intention and spontaneity, which result in paintings that look effortless but actually take thoughtful planning. Her watercolors are at their best when the colors mix freely and the paints seem to talk for themselves. She tries to communicate the fundamental spirit of the scenes she observes rather than including every detail, leaving viewers to fill in the missing information for themselves.



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