A Mini Retrospective—Rodney Alan Greenblat

Dates: Through March 30, 2019
Location: Kaaterskill Fine Arts Gallery, Hunter Village Square, 7950 Main Street, Village of Hunter
Gallery Hours: Friday, Saturday & Monday, 11 am-5:30 pm; Sunday 11 am-4:00 PM
More Information: 518 263 2060

Mountain of Gold

The Catskill Mountain Foundation’s Kaaterskill Gallery is delighted and honored to present the first overview of New York artist and Catskill resident, Rodney Alan Greenblat.

Greenblat is a multi-talented visual artist, poet and songwriter/ composer.

He is widely known for his participation in the groundbreaking events and exhibitions that began in the East Village in the 1980’s, starting with regular showings of his paintings, sculptures and drawings at Gracie Mansion Gallery.

This exhibition will offer an overview of mixed-media sculptures, large and small acrylic paintings, prints and drawings from the last 30 years.

Rodney Alan Greenblat also owns and operates his own store called, The Rodney Shop, on Main Street in Catskill.  It is filled with his colorful and inventive products made for a variety of Japanese businesses as well as his fine art works on paper.

Greenblat is also a regular contributing poet to the monthly poetry reading series, 394 Spoken, in Catskill.

Rodney Alan Greenblat and poet Karen Schoemer will appear on WIOX (91.3 FM) on Remarkable People on Thursday, March 14th  @ 4:00PM.  Host Robert Tomlinson will discuss with them the details of the Greenblat exhibition and the essay written by Schoemer for the show’s catlog.

For all its playfulness, Rodney’s art is grounded in structural certainty. Mastery of technique, knowledge of human nature. Straight lines, clear edges. He does the heavy lifting. He figures out the line. We don’t have to find it. Nothing is fuzzy or out of focus. Ambiguity exists on a philosophical level but not a visual one. Circles, triangles, flower petals. We don’t have to discern these shapes, but what they signify is a huge, open question, a Quadrivium question, an ancient question. The ancient has a new coat of paint. Every painting and sculpture in the show feels new, as if we just took it home from the store. The colors haven’t faded. We believe in the new through Rodney’s paintings: we are reborn, we encounter the essence of potential.”

Karen Schoemer
from, We Learn Not To Be Afraid



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