Paintings by Robert Selkowitz

Dates: Through June 3, 2018
Location: Kaaterskill Fine Arts Gallery, Hunter Village Square, Main Street, Hunter
Gallery Hours: Friday, Saturday & Monday, 11 am-5:30 pm; Sunday 11 am-4:00 PM
More Information: 518 263 2060

Catskill Mountains and Creeks, Adirondack Mountains and Lakes
Our two great New York State Parks and Forest Preserves are unique, I believe, in incorporating private lands, homes, farms and communities within the protective Blue Lines of their public park perimeters. Each park and region has important assets for clean water and particular geology and geography that create their natural environments. In the Catskill Mountains the sedimentary geology and abrasion of glaciers has resulted in networks of streams and creeks that have been harnessed for a unique and vital system of reservoirs which feed New York City and other communties through underground aquaducts. In the Adirondack Mountains the upthrusting geology of the High Peaks Region and the work of glaciers has left an overabundance of stunning lakes along with streams and rivers, including the headwaters of the Hudson River.
In tune with the Centennial of the Catskill Park in 2004 the Catskill Press of the Catskill Mountain Foundation published my book, A Painter's Path through the Catskill Mountains. The book featured 50 color plates of landscape pastels and included a master map of the Catskill Park and detail maps showing where the pastels were set. I also wrote an essay about the cultural evolution of art in the Catskill Region from Thomas Cole and the Hudson River School through Henry David Thoreau and John Burroughs. It is a region which inspired an affinity for nature.
In 2012 I published "A Painter's Path through the Adirondack Mountains" with 81 color plates of pastels and oil paintings and a set of 10 maps, a master map of the Adirondack Park and 9 detail maps of principle painting sites. The book includes a forward by James Kettlewell, Emeritus Professor of Art at Skidmore College. He wrote," Selkowitz's vivid and strong style gives us an experience meant to be an equivalent to his actual emotional reactions before the scene...Perhaps more perfectly than any artist of the Adirondacks, Selkowitz transmits the beautiful rhythms and harmonies of the repeated form in the scene -- the wonderful rise and dip of a line of mountains in the distance, or the staccato rhythm of a row of pine trees.
Catskill Mountains and Creeks, Adirondack Mountains and Lakes will feature paintings and drawings by local artist, Robert Selkowitz. They are a testimony to his love and admiration for the mysteries and wonders of the Adirondack and Catskill mountain regions. Selkowitzs work explores the historical changes in the landscape and offers evidence as to why we must be thoughtful stewards towards preserving and protecting their natural beauty.



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