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Summer Arts Intensives

Photography by Maggie Uhalde

Dates: Through September 10, 2017
Gallery Hours: Friday, Saturday & Monday 10 am-4 pm; Sunday 10 am-3 pm
More Information: 518-263-2060

DEFY: The Women's March on Washington

On January 21, 2017, there was a march in Washington DC. Through September 10, the Kaaterskill Fine Arts & Crafts Gallery in Hunter will revisit that march with “DEFY: The Women’s March on Washington,” an exhibition of photos taken by Margaret Uhalde at the Women’s March.

In addition to large pieces for sale, the exhibition will feature a wall of small photos that gallery-goers may take with them, in exchange for a donation to the Greene County Domestic Violence Shelter. “I chose to make the donation box for the shelter because domestic violence is not an exclusive problem, and it’s a local problem as well,” says Uhalde. “It touches every social class, gender, sexuality, race—unfortunately, it’s everywhere.” Uhalde hopes that the exhibition will reach across political barriers and keep important conversations on the table. 

“I covered the march like I was shooting a documentary because all of the issues that people were marching for are not partisan issues. If you’re an American that cares about your health and safety, you have a responsibility to care about the health and safety of other Americans. That’s just it,” explains Uhalde.



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