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The Paintings of Nancy Orr

Dates: March 17-May 7, 2017
Opening Reception: Saturday, March 25, 1-3 pm
Artist Talk: Saturday, April 8, 1-2 pm
Gallery Hours: Friday, Saturday & Monday 10 am-4 pm; Sunday 10 am-3 pm
More Information: 518-263-2060

Image: “Winter Dusk,” oil on canvas by Nancy Orr


The Kaaterskill Fine Arts and Crafts Gallery proudly presents Verges: The Paintings of Nancy Orr. The show opens March 17 and runs through May 7, 2017. The free opening reception is Saturday, March 25, from 1-3 pm. Nancy Orr will be giving an Artist Talk on Saturday April 8 from 1-2 pm.

In her artist’s statement, Orr says, “I liked the idea of Verges for the show for multiple reasons, just as the word itself means more than just an edge. As I paint I find myself on the verge of discovery. I am learning about building layers of thin paint which adds so much depth and richness. I enjoy allowing a happy accident in paint to lead me in a different direction and into a new understanding not just of the material, but of the subject matter. What I originally intend is rarely the end product.”

“I love the edges of light and substance I see every day in the Catskills around me. Sometimes you cannot tell where the mountains end and where the clouds begin. Sometimes the edge of a meadow and a line of trees break into different worlds. Every perspective reflects different movement and life.... The wind through grass and tree has rhythm and voice and the edges merge, divide, and flow.  The colours in the mountains have such nuance, sometimes delicate, sometimes bold. There is no end to the variation. Sometimes I like the edge of a brushstroke to show, sometimes to soften and blur, a mirror to what I see everyday around me.”

Living in the Catskills is like coming home for Nancy Orr, as she spent her early years growing up and enjoying the rural and wild in Canada. She has always painted, drawn, or sculpted as she made her living as a scenic artist, bringing to life the plans and visions of others who worked as designers in the fields of theater and dance, movies and TV, and other commercial venues. Finally, she is now able to pursue her own art as she is exploring further the mediums of oils, watercolours, cloth and board. Nancy lives with her husband, Dan, and their fine dog, Bosco, perched in the West Kill hills.

In conjunction with the exhibit , the Kaaterskill Fine Arts and Crafts Gallery will host an Artist Talk with Nancy Orr on Saturday, April 8 from 1 to 2 pm.

The artist talk will address challenges of working with new materials and how that develops into an ever changing approach to painting—how failures and a living, breathing landscape allows discovery and excitement and why the concept of VERGES captures her work at this point in time.



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