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Looking Forward from the Hudson River School Tradition

Date: September 4-October 3
Location: Kaaterskill Fine Arts, Route 23A, Main Street, Hunter, NY
Hours: Thursday 10 am - 5 pm, Friday 10 am – 6 pm, Saturday 10 am – 7 pm, Sunday 11 am – 4 pm. Closed Monday through Wednesday.
Information: 518 263 2060
Email: gallery@catskillmtn.org

Artistic Women Past & Present

Image: "Contemplation of Sunrise," by Lauren Sansaricq

In cooperation with the Thomas Cole Historic Site and their current exhibit, Remember the Ladies, this show features works of pioneering artistic women like Emily Cole, Candace Wheeler, Louise Kamp, Doris Frye and Dorothy Saengar. Side by side with the work of contemporary artists Nancy Campbell, Edith Marcik, Kate McGloughlin, Lauren Sansaricq, Sue Story, Ruth Wetzel and others, this exhibit traces the continuity of the profound influence of the founders of the Hudson River School of Art on the women of that period and to the present day.

The women of the 19th century in this country were severely restricted in their ability to control their own lives. Most professions, outside of wife and mother, were off-limits and considered unladylike. Women were allowed and even encouraged to create art within strict limitations, but were not allowed to make a living from their work in any meaningful way.

The exhibition begins with delicate watercolor botanicals and china painted by Emily Cole, Thomas Cole's daughter. Progressing into the early 20th century, Candace Wheeler's art and business acumen established the art of interior design as a viable business for women. Because of her influence, art began to be perceived as a legitimate vehicle for women who wished to become independent. Doris Frye is known for her "tole" paintings on household objects and was the founder of the Albany Folk Art Museum.

Contemporary artists benefit from the progress these pioneers made and continue to draw, paint, sculpt, and work in all media while continuing the traditions of the Hudson River School. No longer hampered by societal restrictions of dress, occupation or subject matter, artists today hike into the hills to be inspired by the same vistas that drew Thomas Cole, Asher Durand and others to these mountains.

A near lifelong-resident of the Hudson Valley, Nancy Campbell is an artist, primarily painting the landscape. She has served the community in which she lives in many capacities, most recently as an elected member of the Town Board of Saugerties and as Executive Director of the Woodstock School of Art. Kate McGloughlin teaches printmaking at the Woodstock School of Art and serves on the Board of Directors. A published author, she has been exhibiting her work since 1992. Lauren Sansaricq, while a relative newcomer to the art scene, is making a name for herself as an accomplished artist. She just completed a fellowship with the prestigious Jacob Collins Hudson River School for Landscape and attends the Grand Central Academy in NYC.



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