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Monday, 19th

What Is A Painting?

October 27 - December 2, 2018

What Is A Painting?

What Is A Painting. When photography came to prominence in the late 1800’s, it freed visual artists from making paintings as documentations of what people looked like (often, who was in power), what our environs had become or how far-away places were different than our familiar landscapes.With this new freedom came the opportunity to look at art in a more expansive way, which included thinking about how paint was applied, influences of “primitive” art and the effects of motion pictures in terms of different ways of perceiving, gathering and disseminating visual information.Witnessing the horrific brutality and devastation of two world wars gave rise to increased global anxieties, the formulation of existentialism as a philosophical movement and the combined weight of absurdity and chance.  This fostered profound changes in how artists approached their self-portraits and later, exploring abstraction as a means of coming to terms with the new, modern world.In the 1960’s when pop art faded and minimalism took hold, our attentions shifted into object-centered or conceptually oriented three-dimensional works

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