September 2018

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Tuesday, 18th


September 15 - October 21, 2018


“...For the materials and processes of pottery spoke to me of cosmic presences and transformations quite as surely as the pots themselves enchanted me.  Experiences of the plastic clay and the firing of the ware carried more than commonplace values.  Joy resonated deep within me, and it has stirred these thoughts only slowly to the surface.  I have come to feel that we live in a universe of spirit, which materializes and de-materializes grandly;  all things seem to me to live, and all acts to contain meaning deeper than matter-of-fact;  and the things we do with deepest love and interest compels us by the spiritual forces which dwell in them.  This seems to me to be the dialogue of the visible and the invisible to which our ears are attuned....”—Centering, M.C

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