Are you a Catskill native? Iím just a poor old farm boy - born and raised in Jewett on a farm. When I graduated high school I was voted least likely to succeed and you know what? I buried every one of my classmates except for two.

Whatís the best thing about owning a mountain? You do what you want to do as long as itís profitable.

Whatís the worst? You got to give people what they want. They pay the bills. You have to accommodate them.

Whatís a typical day like for you? Iím here from about 4:30 am until about 5:00 pm only seven days a week. When someone tells me it canít be done, I work harder to prove they were wrongólike when New York State said: ďHunter Mountainís just a rocky hill. You canít do anything with it.Ē

What do you love about the Catskills? I love the mountainsóthe valleys, the streams and them hills. I was born here. I put in almost 47 months in the Army traveling around the country building schools and I still came back here to start a life. Iím just a hillbilly at heart.

Any last words? I always say: If you canít get motivated, then get off at the ground floor.

Hunter Mountain is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2009. See the article in this issue of the Guide, or visit