Picture this you're about eleven or twelve years old and going to school. You just got back from summer vacation and you find out that a bunch of really popular girls took a shopping trip to the mall and found bell bottom pants on sale, so they bought them. They all come to school wearing them. You feel left out, but your friends aren't wearing them so it's ok. But then the next day all of your friends come to school wearing bell-bottom pants too! Now you feel really left out. When you get home you bug your mom to go to the mall. She finally agrees and you go get bell bottoms too. You go to school wearing them. All your friends think you're cool. A couple of weeks go by and now everyone is buying straight-legged pants and it's not cool to wear bell-bottoms anymore. You feel left out again. You complain to your mom that you've just gotten a nice collection of bell bottoms and fads changed. You have been a victim of the ever-changing fads.

That was an example of how fads make their living. The store promotes fads, or pushes them (in some people's opinion) and someone who has many followers buys it and then everyone else buys it. Some people say that it's the need to belong and it's our human nature. But some say it's just silly nonsense. Most people say that fads exist only because stores exist. But it takes two to tango!

I think that most people don't know what to think about fads. Most people say they like them but can't give any good effects that fads have. Some say they're not bad things but can't tell you why. Michelle Kenyon of Hunter Tannersville says, "Some people choose their friends by fads and that's not right." Personally, I agree with her. If you're not with the latest fad you're not cool. Also from Hunter Tannersville High School, Jamie Bloodgood says, "The latest fad can be bad." For example, there may be a big fad for knives and they're not allowed in school. Fads can be trouble. People may feel left out because they might not have enough money for the fad item.

Lets get away from "bad fads" and look for some good fads. Fads can be fun. You can have a lot of fun hanging out with friends and the latest fad. Sometimes fads can bring friends together. Sometimes there can be a fad for art, music, or culture and that can be very good. If there's a really cool fad and everyone has it, then everyone fits in. Then if that happens, it's the herd mentality. You feel cool because you fit in!

So are fads good or not? We don't know. Patty Adami thinks that fads start fights, but Kirstin Hommel feels they're cool. So what are you supposed to think about fads? Whatever you want!